Winter Knights Show November 2018
Posted 11/14/18 at 10:26 AM

Our members teamed up with the Vintage Snowmobiles of the Inland Northwest vintage snowmobile club to put on a FANTASTIC display at the Winter Knights Show and ATV Expo in Spokane, WA.  The event was the weekend of November 10, 2018.  They had two contests, People's Choice and President's Choice.  The walk away winners of the awards went to Paul Kruger and Candy Johnson for thedir popular restored 1969 Mercury 220E, and Dick Feil and his TOTALLY AWSOME restored 1966 Arctic Cat King 460D.  Congratulations everyone for a wonderful-showing at this annual event.

During our shows we take the opportunity to share labor hauling sleds.  During the show Clatyon and Joyce Busch dropped off a 1969 Homelite Forester they picked up in Peerless, MT for Kevin Hancock.  It is now safely stored at Ray Berstresser's home until Kevin can arrange a ride, or go fetch-it-himself.  What a fantastic group of people working together for everyone's enjoyment in our sport.

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Whistlin' Jack Trail Signs are Put Out
Posted 10/29/18 at 07:43 PM

Four of our members spent the couple weekends placing club's trail signs from Taneum Sno-Park to Whistlin' Jack Lodge.  Last weekend Paul, Ed, and Kevin finished placing the signs, while Stephen made sure they had all the materials they needed to get the job done.  


Every year a group from the club rides the approximatly 140 mile round trip to the lodge to spend the night, then ride back the next day.  It is a really fun ride that they look forward to every year!  We share a cabin at Whistlin' Jack, eat and rest the evening then ride back the next day.  There is plenty of room for more members.  If you are interested being a part of the fun contact the club at our email saying you want to joint up:  You will not be sorry that you took the trip.  Click the picture to see pictures setting the signs: 

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2018 WSSA Snowmobile Expo & Power Sports
Posted 10/23/18 at 09:23 PM

What a great and busy weekend it was at the Washington State Snowmobile Association (WSSA) Snowmobile & Power Sports Expo & Swap Meet!  This was our 19th year.  It went by really fast.  We had our display up and running well before it was time for the gates to open.  The best part of the Expo was that so many from the public stopped to see our old machines, swap riding stories when they were the hottest and newest sleds on the trails, and voted for their favorite sleds.  


This year there was a sort-of friendly grub-match between two of our members.  This summer at the last show the top prize had slipped from the top winner.  Then in the end the viewing public decided that the reigning king of restorations continues to be Dick Feil with his beautifully restored 1966 Arctic Cat 460D, while a respectable second place showing went to Kevin Hancock for his 1969 Mercury 220E.  Thanks to everyone that voted to settle the contest of the best sleds for this year’s shows.


Pictures are available by clicking on to this picture: 

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East Wenatchee Wings & Wheels 10-2018
Posted 10/08/18 at 08:16 AM

What a GREAT two day event!  This was our first time at this show.  The weather cooperated, and we had a very good spot for our display.  As folks meandered through the car show they stopped to take pictures, and admire our sleds.  We were well received with a lot of stories told and retold of when they rode their first snowmobile, and if one in our display was the same year and make.  

We asked folks walking through to vote for their favorite sleds.  We used their votes for the 1st and 2nd place winners of the People's Choice awards.  For this show the trophies were presented by the organizers of the East Wenatchee Wings & Wheels at the same time they announced the show car winners.  Kevin Hancock won 1st place with his restored 1969 Mercury 220E.  Dick Feil took second with another beautifully restored Arctic Cat pusher sled; a 1966 Arctic Cat 460D. 

The next day some of us went to watch the hydroplanes display at the annual Lake Chelan Mahogany and Merlot event.  There were some big names there like Miss Pay-N-Pack with their HUGE WWII vintage V12 Allison airplane motors roaring around the track.  Because they were not racing you could go out on one of the big Allison boats!  Now how cool is that!  Leading up to the big boats were several classes the put on a fine show for the crowd.

Click the picture to go to the club’s Google Photos site to see the show and hydroplanes:

REMEMBER  the weekend of October 20 and 21 in Puyallup, WA is our final show for this summer season.  This is our 19th year showing at the Washington State Snowmobile Association’s Snowmobile & Power Sports Expo & Swap Meet.  We will be there displaying our sleds and memorabilia. 

If you want to be part of the fun contact Ray Bergstresser:; (509) 993-7107. 

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Wenatchee Show May 5, 2018
Posted 05/11/18 at 10:30 AM

We had a great time at the Classy Car Show!  This was our first time at this event.  The weather cooperated, and the selection and quality of sleds on display was awesome.  It was so awesome that the promoters of the show invited us to their October event Wings and Wheels event.  We will let you know if we decide to attend, and encourage everyone too.  

As has become customary, we had our Peoples Choice 1st and 2nd awards.  First Place was Dick Feil with his rare and immaculately restored 1966 Arctic Cat 560D.  Second place was Kevin Hancock's 1969 Mercury 220E.  This is the one he rode to Whistlin' Jack Lodge and back last January.  Congratulations both of you.

To see all the pictures click on this link: Wenatchee

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Vintage Ride at Tim's
Posted 02/03/18 at 10:12 AM

Tim invited the club up to his place on Badger Mountain for a vintage ride and BBQ. A herd of vintage iron showed up, everything from Fox Trac's to El Tigre's. 


We even had a running Foremost in the group!

And a Merc!


With Dick cooking up the burgers the crew was fed in no time.

A big thanks from the PNWVSC to Tim for hosting our ride!!!

See all the hi resolution pics here: Vintage Ride at Tim's



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WSSA Expo 2017
Posted 11/03/17 at 02:49 PM

The 2017 WSSA Expo is in the books! We had a big crowd this year, and in spite of the weather the swap meet was full of great deals.



Dick's 66' 560D Arctic Cat set the bar high and claimed 1st place




Ray's Massey Ferguson wooed the crowds and earned 2nd place in the votes. Congrats to them both!


See all the pics here: WSSA Expo 2017


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A Day at WAAAM
Posted 09/05/17 at 08:39 PM

Our yearly show at WAAAM was a big hit as always with plenty of sleds to see. We even gave some rides this year!



Dick took 1st Place in the sled competition with his expertly restored Arctic Cat


And the pint sized Chimo got Ray 2nd Place. Congrats to you both!


See all the pics from the show here:


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Cool Desert Nights 2017
Posted 07/13/17 at 03:34 PM

The PNWVSC braved desert heat and cool nights to show at Cool Desert Nights 2017! Over 15 sleds were present, from rear engine old timers to all out race sleds.






Dick Feil took 1st place peoples choice with his 1966 Arctic Cat 170D


And Big Blue (1958 Polaris belonging to Ray Bergstresser) nabbed 2nd



See all the action in a slideshow here:


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The Last Resort 2017
Posted 03/15/17 at 09:28 PM

The club show and ride at The Last Resort in Ronald WA is on the books. We had 2 days of good snow, good eats, and of course, vintage sleds. We even recruited some new members!






Kevin Hancock took the 1st place peoples choice award this year with his very clean Sno Pony


The club's handsome SkiDaddler (also restored by Kevin) nabbed 2nd place. Everyone loves a Daddler!



Kevin also couldn't help himself and pitted the SnoPony against a young visitor's Kitty Cat... We still don't know who won.


See these pics and more here:






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Vintage Races at Priest Lake
Posted 02/21/17 at 11:03 PM

The Priest Lake Vintage Races were a hit this year, and the PNWVSC was there!


Looks like even a JD was spotted out there

Congrats to the brave souls that prepped their vintage iron and rode them on the main jets!

See all the pictures here:

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A ride to Whistlin' Jack
Posted 02/20/17 at 11:05 PM

6 of us hardy vintage snowmobilers got together on Feb 12th for a cross country ride from Taneum Sno Park to the Whistlin' Jack Lodge in Naches. The plan was to ride 70 miles to WJL, spend the night, and ride back the next day. It was a real treat to see Kevin's Skiroule RT-500 and Paul's big Cats ready for this adventure! 






It was a long ride both days that gave us spectacular views, great trails, and even a few elk sightings!






See all the pics here:

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A Vintage Day at Byrd's
Posted 01/19/17 at 10:20 PM

The club had a great vintage day at Greg Byrd's place, complete with a roaring campfire and a hot grill for hamburgers and hotdogs. We spent the day riding, trading stories and sleds, and enacting the occasional fix when required. Over 28 vintage sleds were present for the event, and all even ran at some point! A big thanks to Greg and Becki for hosting us, we are looking forward to this event next year. 










See all the pics here: Wenatchee Slideshow





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WSSA Expo 2016
Posted 10/25/16 at 09:48 PM

The 2016 WSSA Expo is on the books, and what an expo it was! Hope everyone got to see the old sleds and vote on their favorite. Congrats to Vinnie and Ray for there 1st and 2nd place People's Choice trophies, respectively. 







If you missed us this year, don't worry. We'll be back at the Expo in 2017 and have an entire snow season of events planned.

See all the photos here:

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WAAAM 2016
Posted 08/15/16 at 09:55 PM

We braved the heat and sun in Hood River to show some old iron at WAAAM this past weekend. Lots of sleds were on display, everything from Skiroule's to Skidoo's!



That's a lineup!








And look who showed up!



First place goes to Dick Feil with his 64' Arctic Cat



And Big Blue (57' Polaris) got 2nd place (Congrats Ray!)



The rest of the pics can be found here: WAAAM 2016

We are looking forward to the WSSA Expo. See you there!


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Last Resort 2016
Posted 03/01/16 at 09:59 PM

Another show and ride is in the books, and we had a great weekend. Around 30 sleds were displayed at The Last Resort for the public on Saturday, complete with parade track for demonstration laps and rides! Vintage sleds from 1957 to 1984 were present, made by 9 different manufacturers. Dick Fiel took Second place with his 63' Polaris, while Ray Bergstresser First place with his 57' Polaris. On Sunday, we rode to Cooper Lake.



2nd Place!


The crowd really liked big blue


Riding around the parade loop


Couple of Swingers


See the rest of the pics here





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Clear Lake BBQ
Posted 02/16/16 at 10:07 AM

The club had a great time at Clear Lake Sno Park despite some mechanical issues. Some really old iron made a showing with rear engine 4 cycle machines chugging down the trail! Once the BBQ was fired up everyone ate their share and had full bellies for the trip back. We are having some technical difficulties with the pics so the best way to enjoy them is via the slideshow link below.


See you on the snow at The Last Resort! (Feb 27-28th)


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We had a great ride to Whistlin' Jacks!
Posted 02/02/16 at 11:43 PM

Ed, Kevin, Stephen, and Dustin unloaded some vintage sleds last weekend in Greenwater WA and rode to Whistlin' Jacks!

At Gov't Meadows


Great lineup at the Wapato Lodge


Mountain Deere



They had a great ride but encountered a couple carb/fuel issues along the way. All was fixed though and they completed the over 80 mile trip on Sunday and Monday.


The full album can be found here:



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WSSA Expo 2015
Posted 10/26/15 at 08:25 PM

WSSA typically puts on a great show and this years event was no exception!

The PNWVSC was there with 25 vintage sleds for the crowd to
peruse and vote on their favorite. 


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WAAAM Show in Hood River OR
Posted 08/12/15 at 10:40 PM

Tracks were turning and canopies were flying at the 2nd annual PNWVSC Show at WAAAM in Hood River, OR.

A great weekend was had by all and we had a good turnout of both sleds and spectators. Over 20 sleds spent the day being admired by museum patrons who braved the wind. Some intrepid members of the crowd even rode/drove a few select sleds.


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Great riding at the Last Resort
Posted 03/05/15 at 10:51 AM

Well folks, despite a winter plagued with poor snow conditions and rainy days we did manage to get some good riding in at the Last Resort this year. Trail conditions were smooth and well groomed (well most of them at least!). A good sized group participated in this ride with a wide variety of sleds. Good times were had by all!


(Click the pics for high res versions)


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Fish Lake Ride 2015
Posted 01/20/15 at 07:59 PM

We had a great time at the Fish Lake Sno-Park! 14 riders rolled in on the 17th of January, ready to explore the trails and see the sights.


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A Good Day of Riding
Posted 12/29/14 at 09:26 PM

Stephen and Mel went for a ride in the mountains at the Mt. Baker NRA! It was a beautiful day, and a good time was had by all.

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Trout Lake December 26, 2014
Posted 12/26/14 at 11:59 PM

Ed and Kevin went to Trout Lake to spend the night, and test their vintage sleds.  Kevin brought a 1981 Ski-doo Citation, but Ed brought a 1976 Arctic Cat Cheetah and a 1960's Shrew with a 1976 Honda 175cc trail bike mounted to it.

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A Great Time at WAAAM
Posted 08/11/14 at 10:22 AM

A great time was had by all in Hood River Oregon this past weekend at the Western Air and Auto Museum!

Several of our members participated in this event, and 27 incredible snowmobiles were on display with Mt. Hood in the background.


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A day at Mt. Baker
Posted 05/29/14 at 03:10 PM

A late season vintage snowmobile ride happened on Saturday March 15 2014


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