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The Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club (PNWVSC) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the historical preservation of snowmobiling. The PNWVSC works towards this aim through collections, shows, outdoor events, public outreach, and associations.

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  • New Upcoming Event - 2022 WSSA Expo

    Posted on 09/28/22 at 07:53 AM

    The 2022 WSSA Snowmobile & Powersports Expo is coming up fast (October 14-15th) so get those sleds cleaned off and in the trailer!

  • New Upcoming Event - 2022 Spokane Winter Knights Expo

    Posted on 09/26/22 at 08:20 PM

    The Snowmobile & Power Sports Expo is held at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center on the second Saturday in November. Gates open at 9am. This is the largest one-day Snowmobile & Power Sports Expo in the west.

    Details to follow!

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  • New Upcoming Event - 2022 WSSA Expo

    Posted on 09/26/22 at 08:18 PM

    The 2022 WSSA Snowmobile & Powersports Expo is coming up fast (October 14-15th) so get those sleds cleaned off and in the trailer!

  • New Past Event - All Wheels Weekend

    Posted on 06/20/22 at 09:05 AM

    It was a wonderful day at the Dayton, Washington All Wheels Weekend. This looks to be our first annual antique, vintage, and classic snowmobile show at this great event. On Saturday we displayed 17 antique, vintage, and classic snowmobiles. Throughout the day our members enjoyed showing their original, and restored sleds as folks passed through. The display had a great assortment of sleds from original and restored trail sleds, to an early version of a Timbersled, and hot race sleds. As a special treat Brian fired up his vintage Moto Ski race trophy winning sled. The sound coming from the honker motor brought a small crowd into the show area to see what heck was making all that noise!

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  • All-Wheels Weekend

    Posted on 05/25/22 at 03:07 PM

    This is a new show for us. Every year Dayton, Washington opens up its downtown and historic Main Street to host one of the most popular and well attended car shows in the entire Pacific Northwest and we are invited to participate!

    Main Street glistens on Saturday with the Show 'n' Shine as hundreds of beautifully restored cars, from Model T's to Corvettes to sleek sedans that line up along their historic Main Street. We are invited to show our antique, vintage, and classic snowmobiles. Our display will be located in the HomeStreet Bank parking lot off the main show on Main Street; 427 East Main Street:

    But All Wheels Weekend is not your usual Car Show. There is so much more:

    • Boutique Shops and restaurants just a step away
    • Craft and Food vendors
    • Outlaw Lawn Dragster Races
    • Men's “Drag” Races (Oh, they look so fine!)
    • Live Music Downtown Friday & Saturday night
    • Poker Walk
    • Presentation of Cars and Classic Cruise
    • Golf & and Putting Tournament

    Because of the huge interest there are no hotel space available in Dayton. There are hotels available in nearby cities and towns. There is also camping space available at the county fairgrounds. If you are interested reserving a camping area call one of the organizers Stephanie at (509) 382-3962. You will need to do it soon before all the spaces are taken.

    For more information contact Ray Bergstresser: (509) 993-7107; time4snow@comcast.net


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  • Milbank, SD 60-year Arctic Cat Show

    Posted on 05/10/22 at 06:26 PM

    Tom, Dick, and Greg are traveling to the Milbank, South Dakota for the 60-year Arctic Cat anniversary show. They will be showing six of their vintage sleds, which includes Tom’s 'Three Tough Cats' replica race sleds. Two of our other members Joyce and Clayton are going to be joining them. Have a great time and safe trip!

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  • New Upcoming Event - All Member Entiat River Weekend.

    Posted on 05/08/22 at 08:31 AM

    Mark your calendars June 11-12 to attend our annual All Member Entiat River Weekend. Dick Feil has invited us to meet for the day, or spend the weekend camping at their property along the Entiat River between Wenatchee and Chelan. There is room for you to stay at one of their trailers, or a space to bring your own.

    To help with planning let Dick know. He can be reached by email dick@bobfeil.com or call or text (509) 679-4102.

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  • Spokane Show

    Posted on 04/11/22 at 08:25 PM

    Ray was invited by some of his friends to display some of his sled with them at the Spokane Speed and Custom Show April 8-10.  Ray said the show went well. There were a lot of people looking and asking questions about the old iron.

    Click on the photo for more pictures:

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  • New Past Event - The Last Resort Annual Show and Riding Event

    Posted on 03/08/22 at 09:32 PM

    It was a wonderful sunny day at The Last Resort during our annual antique, vintage, and classic snowmobile show and trail ride. On Saturday there were approximately 20 antique, vintage, and classic snowmobiles in the display area. Throughout the day our members enjoyed showing, and riding their original, and restored sleds. We had a great time trying out some of the other machines that members brought.  As a special treat we could ride a race proven vintage modified snowmobile. The show had several trophy vintage race sleds to run on the short track in the display area.

    We had People’s Choice Awards. Dick Feil won the 1st Place for his original Arctic Cat 250 with home built tow sled.  Second Place went to Brian Clark for his 1979 Moto Ski Sno-Pro 440, then Kevin Hancock ended up with 3rd place with his 1969 Wheel Horse 309 Safari. Congratulations!

    On Sunday Stephen rode his Ski-doo Formula MXLT, and Kevin rode his vintage Wheel Horse 309 Safari on the trails around the resort. The trails were groomed and frozen in the morning and great shape in.  They road to what has become a favorite destination with a lake overlook then back.  

    Thanks to everyone from the public that came out to view our sleds, and enjoy our stories. And to all our members who put in all the effort to repair, and bring to the show for everyone’s enjoyment.

    Click on the picture for more pictures and video:

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  • New Past Event - PSW Vintage Rendezvous

    Posted on 03/08/22 at 09:29 PM

    Approximately 20 vintage sled riders enjoyed a beautiful Sunny day and stellar company to ride the 22 mile trek to the Garnet ghost town in west central Montana. Everyone completed the ride except one incident on a beautiful arctic cat who lost a drive wheel. Included in those who made the trek were a 4 yr old and a 6 yr old each on their own Polaris 120’s. This is definitely the next generation of sledders and they were delightful to watch. Beverages were graciously provided by Big Sky Brewing, who has been a big supporter of the vintage events so please support them and we thank Gus and Matt for hauling them up there in the 1974:Ski doo Alpine and vintage Ski boose leaving a few along the trail like bread crumbs to make sure we all found the ghost town. A huge shout out to our fearless organizer who braves, weather, politics, personalities, and broken equipment to make these events happen for the rest of us!!! Tom Mullins, you are sooooo appreciated!!!!! Thanks to all the vintage sled heads who turn out for these events and make them the fun events they are!!

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