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The Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club (PNWVSC) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the historical preservation of snowmobiling. The PNWVSC works towards this aim through collections, shows, outdoor events, public outreach, and associations.

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  • Some of Our Members are Still Sledding!

    Posted on 04/21/19 at 08:08 PM

    While I spend the weekend putting my sleds away for the summer, some in our club were out enjoying the last days of the season.  Ed and Marlane went to Lone Butte Sno-Park at Mt Adams Wilderness on Friday.  He said the snow is still pretty good, considering it is the end of April!

    Ed ran his Arctic Cat Cheetah around a little Saturday morning, then went to Goose Lake in the afternoon on his 2014 Ski-doo Summit.  It was a twenty five mile one way trip with no gravel patches on the trails! He also went to Atkisson Sno-Park from there.  Going that way there were some bare spots on that side of the mountain.  He was cautious though since he was alone he stayed on the main roads where there were other people.

    All-in-all he ended up putting on sixty-miles that day on the Summit, and about seven on the Cheetah.  Not bad for this time of year.

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  • New Upcoming Event - Classy Chassis Parade & Car Show

    Posted on 04/08/19 at 08:55 PM

    This is our first summer Antique, Vintage, and Classic Snowmobile Show for the season.  We will be posting more as soon.

    The PNWVSC will be at the Classy Chassis Parade & Car show in East Wenatchee on May 4th!  The show will be held at the Eastmont Community Park located at N. Georgia Ave and Grant Rd.  Plan to show up around 9am to get setup, and bring your best sleds to show off!  Trophies will be awarded for the sleds that get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place people's choice.  Dick Feil is hosting a BBQ at his place after the show, and has some camping spots for those that would like to stay overnight. Those of you who want to stay in a hotel get your reservations early!  That is also the Apple Blossom Festival weekend so accommodations will fill up fast.  

    Let us know if you plan to attend (pnwvsc@gmail.com or 603-203-5344).  We hope to see you there!

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  • New Past Event - Mt Baker National Recreation Area Trip

    Posted on 03/31/19 at 04:47 AM

    Stephen, Paul and Kevin met at the Mt Baker Recreation Area (NRA) to ride vintage and modern sleds.  The plan was to ride to an area the Northwest Glacier Cruisers where hosting their annual Mt Baker Shoot Out event that had barbecue, big raffle, and riding.  Kevin arrived a day early to camp at the sno-park, and save parking spaces for Stephen and Paul.

    As we all know too well this being a winter sport we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  On the day of the event the snow level had dropped three-feet from the weekend before.  Warm weather and rain melted two-miles of the trail exposing gravel.  To make it worse for the liquid cooled sleds there was no snow along the edges.  That was no issue for the bogie air cooled sleds, but since Stephen was riding a liquid cooled they had to cancel their plans riding to where the Shoot Out was being held.

    Not to worry!  There was another trail that split off before they got to the large gravel area.  So off they went to ride in an area and spend time at the Northwest Glacier Cruisers warming hut.  Despite the disappointment, it ended up being a great day of vintage snowmobile riding.  

    Click the photo for more pictures:

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  • New Past Event - West Yellowstone March 2019

    Posted on 03/19/19 at 07:23 PM

    On Friday March 15th several members of the Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club (PNWVSC) converged on west Yellowstone Montana for the 16th annual Western States Vintage Snowmobile Association (WSVSA) Snowmobile Round up. Vintage snowmobilers started their busy weekend Friday night at 6 pm for event registration and visiting.  During registration Jim Langly was retelling his story how he rode a 1967 Polaris colt from Vancouver Canada to Portland Maine over 23 days.  He had great stories and was delightful to listen to.

    Saturday morning was show day.  It dawned bright and sunny, but was a bitter -3° below zero.  It was a bit nippy setting up sleds for the show, but the sun quickly warmed up the show area to a high of 40° making it a wonderful day. Besides looking at all the great vintage sleds, there were snowmobile dealers on hand for demo rides on all the new sleds for next year.  There were also numerous vendors with gear to shop for.  While all this was going on the Snocross, and vintage snowmobile races went on all day.  Both were great fun to watch.

    Many of the spectators were camped on lawn chairs on the hill above the races enjoying the sun and the fast racing action.  Later in the afternoon many of the vintage sleds went out in a large area to ride and race around the venue.  It was fun to see the different vintage sleds run.

    All too soon the day was over, and the vintage sledders were slow to leave. Everyone went to the Holiday Inn to attend the evening awards banquet where all the weekends’ awards were announced.  PNWVSC member Dick Fiel took the WSVSA prestigious Sled of the Year award with his beautiful restored 1966 Arctic cat 460D.  Other PNWVSC members Paul Kruger took second place in the vintage unrestored 1974-1979 category with his 1977 Yamaha Exciter 440.  Then Clay and Joyce Bush won the People's Choice Award with their impeccably restored 1971 Moto Ski Grand Prix 399.  

    It was a great weekend with a lot of successes for the members of the PNWVSC. 

    Clink on the WSVSA logo to go to their website for pictures: 

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  • Four Volcanoes Ride

    Posted on 03/10/19 at 08:02 PM

    Stephen, Ed, and Kevin saw an opportunity to ride their modern-sleds.  After a week of cold snowy weather, the prediction for the weekend was cold with mostly clear skies on Saturday, to clear on Sunday.  So they spent two nights in the town of Cougar to ride on Mt. St. Helens leaving from the Marble Mountain Sno-Park.  

    Well, they were not disappointed!  The snow and weather turned out perfect.  And from one of the high ridges they could see Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood all at the same time.  You gott’a like that.  

    Click on the picture to see more pictures on the club's Google Photos site:

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  • Welcome New Member Billy Thorson

    Posted on 03/07/19 at 07:52 PM

    The PNWVSC would like to welcome our newest member, Billy Thorson! Billy has an impressive collection of John Deere sleds, some of which can be seen below. He is looking forward to riding and showing them with us, and we can't wait to see then on the snow! 

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  • New Upcoming Event - Northwest Glacier Cruisers Mt Baker Shoot Out

    Posted on 02/26/19 at 09:38 PM

    The snow was so great last weekend we decided to add another event to the schedule! ????

    This is an annual event sponsored by the Northwest Glacier Cruisers. They will have a barbecue, big raffle, and riding event. Also, the local snowmobile dealerships bring out their latest sleds for the participants to try out on the snow.

    They think it will be cool to have some vintage iron on the mountain with them. Turns out they have a couple members that have some pretty cool vintage rides.

    If interested you can go to their website:https://www.northwestglaciercruisers.com/. If you plan on going contact Stephen Phillips using our club's email: pnwvsc@gmail.com.

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  • New Past Event - The Last Resort February 2019

    Posted on 02/25/19 at 08:35 PM

    We knew it was going to be a great weekend when we got to The Last Resort to find there was a lot of snow on the ground.  Then to make it even better it started snowing Friday night.  By the morning there was an additional eight-inch of soft fluffy-power covering the show and timed event areas!   Then the snow did not stop on Friday night.  Again it snowed Saturday night leaving other four-inches by Sunday morning!  With all of the new snow on top of an already great base we had a snow-over-the-hood weekend.   


    On Saturday we had our antique, vintage, and classic snowmobile show.  Antique is any sled 1968 and older, with vintage models start in 1969 to the last years with spring skis, and classic sleds are those manufactured with Independent Front Suspension (IFS) up to 30-years old.   As is our custom we asked viewers and participants to vote in our People’s Choice Award contest.  Everyone voted for their favorite top three sleds.  When the votes were counted we found out this year was a bit different.  There was a tie for First Place.  Then to top it off two of the sleds were shown by the same person.  Who else could it had been our own Dick Feil who won our first ‘Double First Place People’s Choice Award’ for his 1966 Arctic Cat 170D, and his 1964 Arctic Cat 170.  Coming in second was Kevin Hancock’s 1969 Fox Trac Centura.   Then to top it off there was a third place winner.  Brian Clark won Third Place with his Mercury Sno Twister custom race sled.  Congratulations all you for working so hard creating those exceptional sleds.


    To change things up we added a timed-course event, calling it a ‘Snow Moxie’.  We set up a twisty course with plastic cones that included a hill climb.  To keep it simple there were no classes, and to enter all you had to do was ‘Run What You Brung’.  Each participant had to ride three timed runs against the clock.  The winners were the participants that had the three highest averages.  Winners received a trophy and money!  There was a first, second, and third place.  This year for First Place was Brian Clark with his modified Mercury Sno-Twister, second was Greg Byrd with his stock Mercury Trail-Twister, and third Stephen Phillips with his restored Ski-doo Blizzard.  Thanks to everyone for all the enthusiasm for making this new event a success and so much fun!


    Then on Sunday while Stephen, Ed, and Kevin participated in a one day avalanche course presented by the Northwest Avalanche Center, Melanie and Howard spent part of the morning and early afternoon on their vintage snowmobiles riding the trails close to the resort. 


    Thanks to everyone who participated in the show, timed event, and vintage ride.  It was a truly wonderful weekend in many ways.  Click on the Homelite Forester in fluff to see more pictures:

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  • Getting Sleds Ready and Riding Photos

    Posted on 02/17/19 at 10:16 PM

    As the season rolls along our members are riding, and getting sleds ready for the next show and ride.  We also saw a 75-year snow storm hit the Puget Sound Lowlands dumping up to 18" of snow in the Puget Sound, and along the Columbia River.  Click on the photo for a link for a few photos of members riding in Western Washington, and Western Montana:

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  • New Past Event - Taneum Sn-Park to Whistlin' Jack Lodge

    Posted on 02/06/19 at 12:36 AM

    Six of us made the trek to Whistlin’ Jack Lodge (WJL) this year.  We met at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning and left the sno-park right on time.  The trails were groomed but icy. Because the trails and snow were hard there were times at the lower elevations when the liquid cooled sleds had cooling issues. But most of the time we just cruised along getting off the trails at different play areas to do some side hilling, or speed across open areas. 

    As to be expected there were some mechanical issues.  The John Deere had an issue with the recoil.  The bolts vibrated out.  We found them and installed the one that we could get too with the tools we had.  To help eliminate the vibration we braced the recoil as best as we could.  It worked, and got us all the way to WJL in record time.  After relaxing in the lounge, had one of their great dinners, we lingered in the restaurant swapping sledding stories before going back to our cabin for the night.

    What a difference on day can make in the weather and conditions.  Overnight a storm came through bringing snow.  After breakfast we left the lodge with 3" inches of new soft powdery snow on the trail.  As we rode into the higher elevations there was up to 6" towards the top.  The soft powder blew over our snowmobile hoods while breaking trail.  We did not see any other sleds all the way back to the sno-park.  While the new snow eliminated the cooling issues the JD did gave us more problems.  While we were going around a felled tree when it lost spark.  Unfortunately this time we could not get it running so it had to be towed back.  Also, Dustin's sled broke its throttle cable but that only slowed him down.  Stephen rigged a hand throttle so he could ride it the rest of the way back to the trailer.

    It was a great trip, one that we look forward to each year.  For pictures click the picture for a link to the club's Google Photos site:

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